Soul Mates

In the infinite past, a soul existed.
United, whole,
Lacking form or substance.
Created to breathe the spark of life into Man and his mate,
He split the soul, each half of a couple receiving equal share.
It bound them together, their energies like the poles of a magnet
Drawing them, reuniting them.
Mortals, however, must all return from whence they came
And rarely together.
Ages passed and these souls parted,
Yet remembered.
Striving single-mindedly to find their other half.
They try first one, then the other, unable to find that one perfect match.
Fate and the whim of human folly impede
And only rarely these souls succeed.
But when they do, what joy!
Two halves again one for another brief moment in time,
Each fitting perfectly into the other
As the cycle of love and devotion resumes.

As if returning home after a long absence,
You sense the completeness of your being.
Thoughts and dreams shared,
Sentences completed one by the other.
Moods and emotions mesh.
You eagerly give your all,
Gratefully receive it in return.
You are yin
I am Yang.
We are one again.
We are whole.

Copyright©1997 by Lord Colm

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